Alphabetical & Numerical

Welcome to our collection. Here you will find our collection of CD’s, records, and cassettes. Formats are shown next to each title along with the catalogue number associated with the release, which can differ with country of origin. Please note that some of the releases do not reflect this properly so if you are looking for a particular pressing you may find this information in detail by following our discogs collection.

Prices and conditions of the records have been omitted because of the sheer size of the task of cataloguing the store. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to individually inspect each title visually and audibly. If do find an item you want please contact us at the store on 07 3229 4923 or email us at and we are happy to check the albums individually for an accurate grading.

Another note. Due to the way the collection sheet downloads and again the time we have to publish the items the listing are all alphabetical from the first letter in the artist. This means the the band starts with “The” then they will be under “T”.┬áThis is the same as the solo artists which will appear in order from their first name. E.G. Joan Baez will be found under “J”. As the collection is nearly complete this will be corrected.

Have an enjoyable time trawling through the list. The list will be updated minimum monthly and the date is included in the footer of the page for your reference.


Dave Fulton for The Record Exchange