Death Stranding - Songs From The Video Game (Various) (Vinyl 3LP)(180g)

Media Condition: Mint (M)

Cover Condition: Mint (M)

Barcode: 194397684919

Product Code: MOND-178

Genre: Electronic

Year: 2020

Country: United States

Sale price$189.99


Vinyl, LP, Clear W/ Silver Splatter, 180 gr
Vinyl, LP, Clear W/ Brown Splatter, 180 gr
Vinyl, LP, Clear W/ Pink Splatter, 180 gr


A1. Low Roar - Don't Be So Serious
A2. Low Roar (Ft. Jófríður) - Bones
A3. Low Roar - Easy Way Out
A4. Low Roar - Poznan
B1. Silent Poets (Ft. Leila Adu) - Asylums For The Feeling
B2. Low Roar - Once In A Long, Long While
B3. Low Roar - St. Eriksplan
C1. Chvrches - Death Stranding
C2. Low Roar - Please Don't Stop Chapter 1
C3. Low Roar - Because We Have To
C4. Low Roar - Waiting (10 Years)
D1. Silent Poets (Ft. Okay Kaya) - Almost Nothing
D2. Low Roar - Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
D3. Low Roar - Nobody Else
E1. Low Roar - The Machine
E2. Low Roar - Anything You Need
E3. Low Roar - Give Up
E4. Low Roar - Patience
F1. Apocalyptica - Path
F2. Low Roar - Not Around
F3. Low Roar - I'm Leaving
F4. Low Roar - I'll Keep Coming

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