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While we love to have every single item available on display in the store itself, there are some items that don’t get to see the light of day as they’ve been forgotten or lost.

We’re slowing cataloguing our items, but what we’ve scanned so far is on display via SortIt.

See DVDs here.

8 thoughts on “In The Shed

  1. Love the record exchange. Part of my teenage years (I’m 27 now). I’m so glad you guys are still open!

  2. Hi,

    I haven’t been into the store for awhile now. I used to come in a lot but since I retired I don’t get to the city often. Anyway I’ve been coming to the store since before it was upstairs in Albert St (was it in Queen St before that?)
    Love the store and in the past spent many a lunch time browsing the LP’s (and sometimes filling a bag for 10 bucks!).
    I just found out something that I never knew. The owners name is the same as mine, Richard Hart!! I spoke to him on a few occasions but doubt if he would remember me.
    Keep up the good work. You are one of the few remaining interesting shops in the city.

  3. Hi i just want to say if not mistaken. I’ve been coming to Record change since around 1993 to around 1994 when i used to hang out a lot in the city. This store was originally located next to the timezone at the other place ? i believe timezone is still exactly at the very same place. Not far from next to that was the cinemas at the time.

    I used to go there went up stairs and discovered a large place full of records.. vhs tapes.. cds… vinyls and tshirts and posters. Good days. I used to buy vhs tapes anything that had to do with techno music on video of the 1990/1991 technotronic and smash hits. Today i am more into the Nirvana music and when i see that it brings me a huge interest of nirvana records. Its a revivied feel to it. When i enter your store i feel like going back to the good old days of 1994 feel to it. Keep the store strong and keep the store exactly how it is… Because i personally am not in faver of everything modern. I believe a store full of records one on top of the other can bring many of us memories day’s good times 🙂 To Richard. i also heard you on 4bc radio on a recorded interview in regards people calling up how much they would get to sell thier records. The other part that i love record change are the hidden VHS tapes.. i know its old and who wants them. For me i look at the tape. I don’t care what’s on them. The good part is that you will never know whats in these recording tv vhs tapes… i might even discover concerts and many songs of the 1990s by surprise. That is whats so good about vhs tapes. You just never know what you will discover. Even if the tape has no name. But you know its a tape that has being recorded on tv of something. Richard. Thanks. Keep the store strong and same to you sir. (hope the store remains the same and there for the next decade) know days stores are changing. But i want record exchange to remain here for us. This also reminds me what Seattle has to offer as well such as Grunge music and many good stuff of the 80s and 90s.

  4. Hi I’m looking for some old hip hop, rnb, rap and soul records for an assignment speech im doing for university and posters of that genre too. I was wondering whether anyone knows if this store has any? Cheers

  5. Hey Neil.

    We are slowly going through all of our CD stock. If I come across a copy I will let you know.



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