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With The Rolling Stones touring and the top festivals like Soundwave and Stereosonic on the horizon, now is a right time to upgrade your wardrobe.  We have all the top new and old bands, from Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones to Amity Affliction.

For your viewing pleasure, we have for you a gallery of all the shirts we have here in-store. Sizes are subject to availability. We normally have about two of each size in stock.

Can’t find a band you like here?  Don’t fret.  Our suppliers has hundreds of designs to choose from and we are happy to hunt around to find a design you like.


28 thoughts on “T Shirts

  1. Am keen to buy Rolling Stones’ tees for all my family, Christmas is coming, in various sizes, of course depending on design . 4 for $100 is the deal I trust. Hope to from you soon. Ian

  2. Hi Ian

    We have plenty of designs and sizes available. And yes, you can get 4 for $100. Drop in anytime seven days a week to check out the designs.



  3. We do have new stock available in these groups, plus many more on their way. Drop on in anytime seven days a weeks to check them out.


  4. Hey Guys,

    Just wondering if you had any Motley Crue tshirts at the moment?


  5. Hey Alanna

    We sure do have Motley Crue and many other bands. We still have our two for $50 so come on in and check them out

  6. Hi,
    Just wondering if you have any NOFX records in store? New or used, not fussed.

    Also, I’ve been looking for the ‘Atomic Jesus’ Bad Religion shirt. Will purchase if in stock. Thanks


  7. hey guys

    I’m just wondering if you sell any A-ha take on me or hunting high and low shirts

    Thanks Cam

  8. Hi Guy’s wondering if you stock t-shirts for Insane Clown Posse , Twiztid and Rob Zombie , Also Cd’s of ICP and Twiztid ? Thanks 🙂

  9. I was in a few weeks ago and you had a leather jacket for I think $140. It had various patches on it if i remember correctly. I was wondering if you still had it in store?
    Thank you!

  10. Sorry for the belated reply.

    I am not sure of the jacket you are asking about. I know there is a denim vest full of patches but the only leather one I have seen has insignia painted over it. I will have a look for you and get back to you tomorrow when I am in the store.

  11. Hey Ad

    At the moment I don’t have either bands but keep an eye out over the next month. Our full range will be available online.


  12. Hello Beth

    We have a small range of Oasis at the moment. I cannot remember the exact sizes or designs but keep an eye on our site. We will have our full range for all to see in the next month.

    Thank you again

  13. Hi there just wondering if You had any The cure T-shirts? I need two for the concert in Sydney. Thanks heaps

  14. Hello.

    I am not in the store today. We do have a few designs in store. Not too sure what sizes we do have left but I can have an answer for you tomorrow or if you need to know today you may call the store on 07 3229 4923 and Jack will be able to assist you.



  15. Hello.

    We do sell larger sizes. I am not too sure which artists we have in those sizes but if you call the store on 3229 4923 the guys will be able to let you know what we have available.


  16. Hey guys, just wondering if you got any Reservoir dogs t shirts

    Thanks Cameron Euler

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