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About Us

Record Exchange (The Record Exchange Brisbane), is the biggest new and used record store in Australia with in excess of 200,000 new and used records in store. We import new and used Vinyl from the USA and Europe, so if you have a want list or a general inquiry, contact us and we can help you!


We opened our first store in Queen Street, Auckland, New Zealand in the early 1970's . Then in 1980's we established the Record Exchange in Southport on the Gold Coast. After several months there, we then moved to the heart of Surfers Paradise. In 1985 we moved the Record Exchange to Queen Street, Brisbane. After about 3 years there we moved to a 3000 sqm store in Albert Street. During this time we opened another store called 'Hollywood collectibles' on Hollywood Blvd, Los Angles. In 1994 The Northridge earthquake struck LA and we were forced to close. But continued with Albert Street store until 1998. In 1998 we moved to our store here to 65 Adelaide St (opposite City Hall) and have remained here til present day.